Have fun and make everyone happy, that's all we want to do. Why else would we offer hand crafted frozen yogurt infusions?
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What are infusions
Infusions are a new experience - You choose the frozen yogurt flavor and infusions (toppings) and Topping Town will hand craft your design.
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It's about the Experience
As you’ve probably already guessed, Topping Town isn’t your average frozen yogurt confectioner. And we designed it that way.
We want you to be pleasantly surprised when you visit our storefront – surprised by our unique options, by our selection of infusions, by the comfy, cozy in store experience. Topping Town does not simply provide frozen yogurt we provide:
Happiness - Experience pure happiness as you enjoy the frozen yogurt creations
Independence - Empowered by choosing/creating your own unique frozen yogurt experience
Lasting Memories - You will always remember spending time with friends and family while enjoying a healthy treat.
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How It All Began
The two of us – Heidi and Jamie – have always wanted to start our own business. We actually met in college, where we'd look dreamily into each others eyes with dreams of entrepreneurship (OK, not really). But we did want to start a business and we always knew we wanted something fun and something that would make people happy! Frozen yogurt was a no-brainer.
We recognize the value that passion and care adds. We know there is a difference between a handcrafted pie and the packaged pie you purchase on aisle three - the handcrafted pie has a special ingredient named "care". Our team at Topping Town puts great care and passion into our products and hand crafted infusions.
If you are looking for a great tasting dessert and a unique experience, stop into Topping Town.
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Coming Soon
We will soon be offering our products online.
Build your own frozen yogurt online!
Order one of our unique collections online!
We handcraft your order, package it in dry ice, and ship it anywhere in the US.

– Topping Town
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